Plan Globally, Act Locally

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Quality Control

Three independent departments combine to ensure highest quality of fieldwork:

  • Same systems and procedures in all Confield-MENA offices.
  • Extensive interviewer training
  • Supervisor network
  • 30% back checking
  • 100% edit checking
  • 30% - 100% data verification (depending on sample size)

„„Confield-MENA takes great pride in producing work of the highest possible quality for our clients. As part of this process, we adhere to the ESOMAR Code of Conduct governing the work of professional research organisations. This covers codes of practice for the entire research process and, specifically, for fieldwork, analysis and reporting.

„To ensure consistent quality across all countries we follow the following practices:

  • Project Briefing & Management
  • Data Management
  • Back-checking
  • Piloting the Survey:

„The main objectives of the pilot survey are as follows:

  • Ensure the questions are appropriate.
  • Ensure the questionnaire is clear, flows and is an appropriate length for the context in which it is being administered.
  • Check that the design and format of the questionnaire allows easy recording of all required data in a clear, straightforward manner.
  • Ensure that the questions and terms used are properly understood and answered.
  • Ensure that questions are designed in such a way as to encourage responses and generate the necessary information on such sensitive topics.
  • Gauge reactions to requests to participate in the survey and the adequacy of the various assurances of confidentiality.

Interview Process: